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Main Beach, Queensland, Australia shane@shanereynolds.net website http://www.pt4themind.com

In September of 2016 there was a life changing event where I was the victim of an attempted armed robbery which spurred a desire to help others. I remembered that when I was 9 years old my mother gave me the book 'You can heal your Life' by Louise Hay.  I had come to the realisation after reading this book that I had to love myself a great deal more and so the transformation began.

In the proceeding days after the robbery I packed up my belongings and drove two days to return to my family home and immersed myself in healing. I had come to the realisation through reading this book that it was okay for me to love an approve of myself. At first it was very confronting for me, within 3 months I finished my first book and published.  I have since published two successful books which draw on my own experience of reaching a very low point and changing my life philosophy.

It’s hard to believe that nearly two years have gone by since I published 'Reprogram Your Life'. During this time, I have published one other book and produced a film. On Valentine’s Day of 2019 I registered my life transformation business PT4THEMIND. Today I am a Heal Your Life® Leader licensed by Hay House and authorised by Louise Hay to continue her teaching.  I love motivating people to live their best life and encouraging others to unlock their limitless potential and reclaim their power.

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