About Sarah Morgan


Licensed Teacher
Abergavenny, Wales, United Kingdom info@serenlifecoaching.com website www.serenlifecoaching.com

Sarah is an accredited Heal Your Life Teacher and is passionate about helping others to reach their true potential and achieve their dreams and goals. The processes used during the two day workshop and 10 week study course are transformational and have added to the journey of self development and spiritual awareness that Sarah embarked on several years ago.  She believes our power lies within us and just as an athlete trains daily to maintain their physical best, it is paramount that we devote time each day to our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. In a hectic world, this is not always easy but with small steps and consistent daily practices, positive changes can take place. Our innate human desire is for happiness but we hold ourselves apart from this through negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs. Using the tools and techniques that Sarah teaches can help you to break through those self-imposed barriers and unleash the incredible power we all hold within us to live a life without limits.

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