About Mei Flynn


Licensed Coach
Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand info@meiflynn.com website http://www.meiflynn.com

Mei Flynn is a licensed Heal Your Life workshop leader and loves helping other people. Mei has always had negative beliefs about herself dealing with her emotions often turning to food for comfort which in turn led to feelings of guilt and of course weight gain. She decided that despite people seeing her as bubbly and confident she was suffering inside and decided she wanted to cope better with her emotions and life in general so that\'s when she came across Louise Hay\'s book \'You Can Heal Your Life\' which in turn led to her attending the \'Heal Your Life\' workshop. Attending the workshop had such a powerful, dramatic effect on her life that she decided to attend the teacher training in South Africa in october last year and now she is passionate about helping other people cope with their emotions in an effective way. Mei has been a pediatric nurse for the past 19 years but has now decided to take a change of direction in her life and run her own business helping people in a different way. I have now come to belive that I can do this and love my new found confidence and excited about helping people on their journeys in life supporting them all the way. Mei has lost weight and feels so much better about herself and this is an area she is very passionate about but also looks at other areas of life such as career, relationships, prosperity.  

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