About Martina hackett Licensed Coach

Martina is a registered and licensed Heal Your Life workshop leader. I was introduced to Louiseā€™s work many years ago. At the time I was moving from one chronic illness to another. I was given a book by Louise Hay as a present and read it cover to cover, then promptly threw this book in the bin. At the time I was unable to take in this powerful philosophy of how illnesses can manifest. When I did eventually say enough is enough I started reading and studying every thing I could to try and find answers. I started to make changes in my life. I noticed one day all the books I had were from Hay House publishing, so low and behold I finally picked up a copy of\" You Can Heal Your Life\". I read it and reread it and I completed the workbook. Everything in my life began to move in the right direction. I started to live my life through the teachings Louise so beautifully offers and I do not and have not suffered from any illness in a very long time. This philosophy has given me a life I had once thought was unattainable. I became a Hay house teacher because I believe every one deserves the life they always dreamed of. Through these workshops you can achieve a level of awareness of self and when you do the healing process can commence. When you can truly love yourself you can move mountains xxxxx

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