About Marita Tomlinson


Licensed Coach
Jimboomba, Queensland, Australia maritat@live.com

I'm a happy Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach in the outer suburbs of Brisbane Southside. I offer phone and video Life Coach sessions and run multiple workshops around SEQld. To contact me please send an email enquiry and return your message as soon as possible.

Heal Your Life® Workshop Leaders and Coaches help individuals and groups to achieve their personal goalsmost often to enrich their lives. I love knowing that when a person reaches the point where they want to change what they are doing to be the best version of themselves they can be that my empathy and intuition as a Life Coach provides a caring and supporting guding hand.

People who reach out for coaching have already ackowledged that they want to find more or be guided to that inner wisdom that we all have. Sometimes all you need is just a helping hand to come out into the world to shine. 

When you're ready I'd love to help you discover exactly what it is that might be blocking you and what it is that you can control to get your power back and more importantly how you can be happier than you ever imagined you could be - and therefor... how to shine.

Don't be satisfied with OK, unless your OK with being OK... if you're not tho', maybe you'd rather choose to be willing to be awesome! And that's OK too!  


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