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Licensed Coach
Doncaster, England, United Kingdom maria@chi-ki.link website http://www.chi-ki.link

Hello and thank you for stopping by. 

I am Maria and I am one of the Heal your Life Teachers and Transformational Coaches in the United Kingdom.

I first came across Louise Hays book some number of years ago and read it from cover to cover a number of times, each time finding something completely new!

 I had worked within the business sector and although thoroughly enjoyed my 12 year career, I was exhausted from long hours, travelling and with drowning myself in work so that I didn't have to even attempt to look within and find out what was really going on and missing in my life. Louise's work really is quite transformational on a personal level as well as on a connective level.

My passion is about connection - connection with ourselves and with our own tribe. I run a monthly class in Brigg which is all about our connection. It is a safe and supportive group where we meditate, journal, take time to explore within, complete discovery exercises, have deep conversations, drink coffee and connect with like minded and like hearted beautiful souls - this is our tribe of beautiful hearts.

Every month we look at a different focus from self esteem, confidence, having the courage to be authentic and self care to law of attraction, inner child, forgiveness, opening our hearts and much more.

Next year  continue our journey -exploring our values and beliefs, our desires and authenticity - taking each and every step with the same people .. on the same journey.... in the same safety and supportiveness - one circle - no beginning and no end - each person valued, with a voice and a beautiful heart.

 In addition to this we will be exploring creative journaling on a bi monthly basis, offering some workshops and self help courses via our online services, that can be worked through at your own pace.  Finally, not forgetting  our wonderfully nourishing annual residential mini retreat.  

Please check out the events that are available and also that we can work together 1-1 on personal sessions too.

(if you do not see the workshop or course you are looking for - I can often tailor dates to suit, so please do call)


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