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I am a Heal Your Life Teacher since 2007, certified by Vera Farial Leal, in Portugal, and I have co-facilitated her courses until 2010. It has a real school of life, for which I am most grateful, as I had the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience as a Heal Your Life Teacher, and to meet so many wonderful people throughout those years. I am totally in love with the Human Being, the complex and wonderful Universe that each of us is. I study and, above all, I apply with passion, in my personal life, the teachings, techniques and therapies that I have learned over the years, starting with Louise Hay's teachings, and including Family Constellations, of which I am also a certified teacher. I started my own workshops with my life partner, and also a Heal Your Life Teacher, Paulo Pais, in 2009, which has been a real blessing, as it helps us to grow individually and as a couple, and gives us the chance to share our love with others, through Louise Hay's beautiful (and yet so simple) message. This is the way we found to give ourselves to others, to be at Service, to share our gifts, and that... is priceless! I know now that I can help change the World. It starts in me! And I've already started changing it :) I feel like I was born to be a Heal Your Life Teacher! We do workshops in Portugal and wherever Spirit calls us. I have recently become a Heal Your Life Coach, which I believe will strengthen and enrich my work. I am most grateful for that.

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