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G.L.Sampoorna is a licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leader, coach and a Teacher-trainer for India. Holding a doctorate in psychology, she is a therapist, life coach, trainer and teacher with over 30 years of experience.

Sampoorna has done pioneering research and work in the area of forgiveness in psychology, in India. Her work, evolved over three decades is an amalgamation of multi-disciplinary processes that bring together the best of the East and the West. Her services are in person, through telephone and online with people across the world.

Sampoorna inspires people across the globe to access their inner wisdom, joy, love and well-being.

The treasured gift in my life

In the early 90's, Louise Hay's book, "You can heal your life" came into my life as a gift. This treasured, life-long gift enriched my thinking and made a tremendous impact on my life. I began to excitedly share the book and the work with everyone I met. Feeling a passionate desire and urge to learn the work as Louise had designed it, I found my way to the training and qualified in 2003 as a Heal Your Life® workshop leader and subsequently as a Heal Your Life® Coach. 

Each workshop I have conducted for over a decade has only enhanced my awe and wonder of this philosophy, as I watch and hear the beautiful stories of transformation that participants share.

In my own life, doors closed and opened to open pathways for my highest good as the Universe conspired to make things work for me. Using the philosophy, I began to really know myself and became more myself.

Transitioning in 2013 to a Teacher-trainer of the Heal your Life workshops for India was more than a dream fulfilled for me - It was a life purpose being honored.

I feel deep gratitude and love for my teachers, Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols for this honor. I admire and respect the quiet humility with which they spread this work around the world, creating miracles in thousands of lives, in more than 70 countries. I feel humbled to be a part of this journey. And I feel fulfilled and privileged to be able to touch the lives of the teachers I train, as they experience life-changing personal growth and achieve professional success, doing the work they love. 

Influenced by Hay House books, I had a fantasy to have my first publication with Hay house, USA. My fantasy became a dream realized when I received a copy of "Modern day miracles" by Louise Hay and friends, published by Hay house, USA, and browsing through it, to my amazement and joy, spotted my name there.

I have since authored a few books and published "Transformation! Story of a bird", a powerful self-help book. My own creative expression, in the form of inspired thought cards and CDs has impacted lives.

Practicing the principles we teach, I find my life getting more in balance, with just the right amount of work, prosperity, success, exercise and rest, with time for travel, friendship, meditation and leisure. Today, mindfulness is an integral part of my life, which I practice through vipassana meditation.

The biggest gift from my treasured gift is that I have become my own best friend, loving myself with all my flaws and accepting life as it comes.

I continue to share this work with the joy and wisdom of experiencing the flow.

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