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Licensed Coach
South Pasadena, Florida, United States angelfisherica@gmail.com website www.angelfishprod.com

My name is Erica Beaurline and I live in St. Petersburg Florida.  I like to call myself a spiritual pragmatist- meaning I seek practices that really work in bringing me peace and have a positive impact on my life.  Perhaps driven by a desire to find understanding and peace with a difficult childhood, I have been a seeker for many years always asking the why behind life’s challenges and wanting so much more than to make money and have a settled life.  I studied classical music in college but dropped out to work on a cattle ranch in Oregon, I have done everything from design solar arrays to scuba dive the coral reefs doing scientific studies; I have worked as a boat captain and a swimming pool repair tech yet always seeking more and doing more to find answers to life’s most difficult questions, which led me to Louise Hay’s writing.  Strongly influenced by her books as well as a course in miracles, Wayne Dyer, Unity Church and so many more, I have Reiki certification, been trained in breath work such as rebirthing and have done coarse work with Landmark Education Association where I was trained to lead groups and in public speaking.  Becoming a Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop leader has been an incredibly effective and joy filled journey which I use to aid others to find peace and fulfillment in the midst of life’s challenges.  It is truly my honor to share Louise’s work with others.  

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