About Elisa Palma Hancock


Licensed Teacher

Spiritual and Life Coach, Trainer, NLP and Neuro-semantics Master Practitioner (certified ISNS) and licensed Heal Your Life ® workshop leader, Akashic Records consultant. 

I have spent more than 25 years of my life working in performing arts and theatre while studying and looking for answers to the many questions about life and its meaning. Although I deeply loved it, I wasn't feeling happy or fulfilled. 

After a rough breaking point in my life that brought me to reconsider my whole existence, I started my personal journey to discovering my real self, my true heart and solving the conflicts that held me back from happiness and fulfillment. 

After an intensive 2 year coaching program in Italy that allowed me to bring together the knowledge I had acquired through many years as a self taught student, I found out how great my desire was to be of service and help others. It is an integral part of my true self. 

Louise Hay’s work has helped me tune into positivity and transform my attitude towards myself, others and the world I live in. 

I truly believe that her work is simple yet powerful way for me to help you do the same. I share my time between my native Italy and the US (California, Santa Rosa). 

I am available for one on one coaching sessions and offer group and individual courses in person and online.

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