About Cláudia Rodrigues


Licensed Coach

Since 2006, I inspire people around the world to have more fulfilling and happier lives in Switzerland, Portugal and Online.

I believe that all people can live the truest expression of themselves. In all areas of our lives, we can be true with ourselves and with others, fully accomplish ourselves at all levels, thus expressing our highest and true values.

My mission is to support you to rescue and nurture your lost pieces, to find out what motivates and you’re passionate about, to achieve your dreams and grow as a person who wants to make the world a better place, starting with yourself.

With Louise Hay’s work, I felt it is safe to listen to my own intuition, trust my instincts and follow the deepest wishes within my soul. The Heal Your Life® Method revealed itself to be one of the most powerful tools in my transformation.

I am, with deep pride and responsibility, a certified teacher and coach of the Heal your Life® Method. I do what I love sharing this fantastic and transforming legacy.

Since 2012, over 400 people have benefitted from participating in this work with me, each one growing in their own way and pace, reaching their own goals and without a doubt making the world a healthier place. It is an honor to support them in their growth processes.

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