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Carolin Lusby, PhD is a certified reiki master, yoga instructor and ordained minister. She is a coach and licensed Heal Your Life workshop leader, based on the philosophies of Louise Hay. She was certified by Brian Weiss in past life regression healing. Based on the principles of Louise Hay, she helps her clients uncover limiting mindsets and bring about changes in the brain that allow success in health, happiness, relationships and abundance to flow. We all have the potential to live healthy and rewarding lives full of joy. Taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions and using techniques taught by her, we can re-wire our brains and change our future. Through the tools of energy medicine and past life regression, we can release past traumas and current blockages to shift our emotional state, allowing us to be more present in the now. Using the techniques learned, Carolin is able to help you connect to your soul, allowing you to align with your purpose. You are worth it and deserving.

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