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Study Groups

The Heal Your Life® Study Group is a ten week group study course, developed by Patricia J. Crane, Ph. D. with approval from Louise Hay. Based on the best selling book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay, and additional materials, this course offers the same intention as the two day workshop: to create positive transformation in your life.

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Heal Your Life Coaching

A Heal Your Life ® Coach can help you improve EVERY area of life – relationships, health, financial well-being, business success, spiritual growth, and overall living life more fully. She or he is uniquely equipped to listen deeply to what you want and guide you in moving in the direction of your dreams. A Heal Your Life Coach is like a gardener of peoples’ lives, weeding, nurturing, and nourishing his or her clients, encouraging them to grow in their own way and bloom in their own colors. Many people talk about what they want and never take the steps to get there.

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Heal Your Life® workshops are offered in varying lengths, from 3 hours to 2 days, both in-person and online.  These workshops are based on Louise Hay’s best-selling book, You can Heal Your Life, and other books by her.  The 2 day  Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop has been attended by many thousands of people worldwide. It is a powerful program that has participants raving about the life changes it has helped them make. The workshop includes sections on the principles of this philosophy, the mind-body connection, inner child work, mirror work, releasing old emotions, forgiveness, and creating positive affirmations for a new life.

Many shorter workshops are also offered, such as: The Journey to Self-Love, Forgiveness: The Key to Happiness, Loving Your Body, and Healing Your Heart After Loss. For current offerings, please visit our Find a Workshop listing!

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