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International Heal Your Life® Teacher Training 2025 by Dr. G. L. Sampoorna

Maio 10, 2025 - Maio 17, 2025

Internationally Licensed Heal your Life® Teacher Training 2025 with Dr. G. L. Sampoorna

Transform lives as you continue your healing journey.

This powerful program adds skills to your existing career or helps you start an entirely new one! You gain personal growth while creating a professional global career.

Benefits at the personal level:
– Experience new methods for transformation
– Make personal breakthroughs with new insights
– Welcome a new depth of self love and acceptance
– Clear old limiting patterns

Benefits at the professional level:
– Receive in-depth training with unique techniques
– Gain opportunities to practice your new skills
– Receive CDs and materials for leading workshops
– Develop skills that will integrate into your existing career

10th – 17th May 2025, Tamil Nadu India
Led by Dr. G. L. Sampoorna,
Psychologist and Heal your life Teacher-Trainer, India

+91 98402 30151


G. L. Sampoorna
+91 98402 30151
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