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I am a proud First Nations woman from Canada, surrounded by loving people wherever I go and guided to those who need my love and light.  I bring laughter to my workshops and relate how Louise’s philosophy is adaptable to our own indigenous beliefs.  Change happened for me abruptly back in 2001, where I fell on the floor exhausted from trying to make control people to like me.   I had no desire to live anymore as I felt so sad and alone.  I cried on my kitchen floor and looked up in desperation and said this short prayer:  “Please help me to understand why I am the way I am”!  That week, a “Heal Your Life” weekend workshop flyer crossed my desk at work, and at first I was hesitant to go, but my friend encouraged me to attend this with her. On Sunday, I completed the two day You Can Heal Your Life workshop, loving who I was for the very first time in my life and wanting to learn more and help others!  Today, I feel grateful for all that has happened and embrace each day with a positive feeling of love and contentment. I have been a Heal Your Life Facilitator since 2009 and a Life Coach since 2010. My personal success stories have been published in two of Louise’s Hay books, called “Modern Day Miracles” and “You can Heal Your Heart”.  Please feel free to contact me, either by phone or by zoom to share your story and to see how I can help empower you on your journey to freedom and happiness!

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