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  • Email: ojas@enhancerzz.com
  • Address: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Certifications: Workshop Leader License, Coach License
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Ojas comes with 25+ years of experience as a corporate learning facilitator driving various learning interventions across esteemed organisations in India and abroad across sectors, levels and geographies.                                                                                                    Having been introduced the philosophy of Louis Hay almost a decade back, it took some time for Ojas to reintroduce himself to it. The urge to make a difference in people’s lives, contribute to global mental wellness and giving back to society was the motivating factor for completing the remarkable journey of self-introspection by  being certified and licensed as a Heal Your Life ® workshop leader/teacher and Heal Your Life ® Coach under the aegis of respected Babbu Gill.                                                                                                                          He has embarked on the phenomenal journey of becoming a beacon of love and healing by offering HEAL YOUR LIFE workshops and spreading love and well being. There is a lot of healing required in the world is a firm belief that he lives by and aims to help others obtain the same.                                                                                                    Ojas will also be pursuing the Heal your life coaching certification in Dec 2023.

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