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  • Address: Lake Arrowhead, California, United States
  • Certifications: Workshop Leader License, Teen Playshop License, Managing with Heart and Mind Leader License, Life Coach License
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At age 20 I made a commitment that my life would be about service, although at the time I had no idea what that meant or how it would unfold! Every job I had after that was being in service to underserved populations in some way, and yet I didn’t feel my life purpose was being completely fulfilled. Then in 1986, after reading her You Can Heal Your Life book, I met Louise Hay and felt this was opening up a new path for me. I was privileged to study personally with her for several years. When Louise appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the book became a best-seller overnight. Louise then became too busy to continue leading her signature 2 day workshop, Love Yourself, Heal Your Life. She asked me and two others to start leading it and of course we were thrilled! The power of this transformational workshop led to students asking for a training program, and Louise approved this in 1995. It has been my greatest joy to lead these trainings with my husband Rick Nichols. The expansion of the program unfolded in ways we never imagined. This is what happens when you let Spirit lead the way! There are now thousands of Heal Your Life workshop leaders and coaches in 71 countries, plus 22 teacher-trainers worldwide!

Since 1995, I’ve led (with husband Rick) over 120 trainings and additional workshops on prosperity, inner child work, affirmations, and meditation. It would be our joy and honor to train you!

This year, 2024, Rick and I are leading a unique training – a combination of the workshop leader AND coach training. It includes 3 online sessions with Zoom, then a transformational 10 day in-person in San Diego, and continuing training on Zoom after San Diego. Why is the workshop leader so important for you as a life coach? Because it is a deep dive into Louise’s methods to prepare you for working effectively with your life coach clients, AND it gives you an additional offering to introduce yourself to potential clients. No other life coach training does this! For all the details for San Diego, go to https://healyourlifetraining.com/sanpdiego
For a free 1:1 Zoom session to answer any of your questions, go to https://calendly.com/hyltraining

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