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  • Email: jeanine.sciacca@gmail.com
  • Address: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Certifications: Workshop Leader License, Workshop Leader License, Coach License, , Life Coach License
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My Story: 2011 was the most challenging year of my life. I lost my confidence, suffered from stress, anxiety and adrenal fatigue till I became physically ill for over 18 long months. It was this desperate state that led me to find the Silva Method™, a mind development program. Success, Health and Confidence: In just 5 months my life completely turned around. I went from a place of being afraid of being fired, to becoming top sales person in the company. Sudden Turn of Events: In 2012, suddenly and tragically, my younger brother passed on. This tragedy brought me to a crossroads. It caused me to reflect and ask: Am I really happy with my life? The truth was no. I wanted my life to count. I wanted my life to have PURPOSE. I was ready for change. Finding my Life Purpose: The good news is that I found my life purpose after becoming a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Trainer in 2013. I was more passionate than ever to dedicate my life to teaching others the Silva Method and being a Life Coach. Dreams Do Come True: In 2015 I left corporate to follow my dream of becoming a Silva Method Trainer, Rapid Results Coach and in 2022, a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Coach. Blessed to Live My Passion: I am passionate about helping people develop more of their potential, find their life purpose, and become the grandest version of themselves. Jeanine published a book: “Living In The Flow”.

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