The “Managing with Heart & Mind” program is designed to ignite profound personal insights and transformative shifts in participants’ thinking, feeling, and being, enabling them to move from judgment to awareness, reactive to responsive, and surviving to thriving. The workshops are adaptable to companies large and small and are available in a variety of lengths. Cultivating Self-Awareness: Explore and uncover the intricate layers of personal reactions, baggage of limiting thoughts, past experiences, biases, and beliefs. Enhancing Emotional Intelligence: Build emotional intelligence skills to effectively manage emotions, empathize with others, and establish positive relationships, resulting in improved collaboration and teamwork. Shifting Mindset: Challenge limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, fostering a growth mindset and promoting a more positive and adaptable approach to challenges and change. Encouraging Purposeful Living: Inspire individuals to connect with their core values, purpose, and sense of fulfillment, leading to greater motivation, engagement, and a sense of meaning in their work and personal lives. Creating Transformational Leadership: Develop leaders who can authentically inspire and empower others, leading with a culture of trust, awareness, empathy and true spirit of collaboration within the organization.
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