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TO Update Your Porfile

Once you are logged in, simply click the "profile" tab in the left menu bar..

That will take you to your profile.There are profile sections that you can edit

Fill in or change whatever information you wish in the section and click the white "Submit" button at BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. (You must click that or your changes will not take effect.)

You can do that as often as you wish! As soon as you click the save changes button, your updates will be live. You may need to clear your computer's cache if you don't see them after refreshing the page.

The easiest way to change your password is to click on "Profile", then go to update password section Add your old password and new password click on submit.

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  • BULLET LISTS are good, too.
  • Words that are deemed "common" by the system will automatically get linked on the visitor's side of things. This is good for both SEO and for visitors looking for specific information. You'll notice if you click those links (the random purple text) it generates a search page. When multiple teachers use the same terms, you all benefit.