What is the Secret to Success?

Go For It AnywaysWhat is the Secret to Success?

Have you’ve ever wondered if there was any “secrets” to success? Are there any steps that you can take to help you learn to play the game of life well? Author Louise Hay believes that there is!

If you want to engage in life and play full out here is what Louise Hay suggests:

Success Secret No.1 – Put Off Mental Discontent. “Often discontent keeps you from getting into your stride.” Say’s Louise. “You are dissatisfied with yourself and conditions. You wish you were someone else. How wonderful to be a beautiful movie star, or an heiress of countless millions.”

According to the Law of Attraction, what you think about expands. This means that if you are focused on the discontent and dissatisfaction in your life that is what you will attract into your life experience.

Success Secret No. 2 – Follow Your Intuition. This secret requires that you recognize that there are no mistakes in the Universe, and that your life is part of the Divine Plan. “In the Divine Plan, every righteous desire of the heart is satisfied.” Comments Louise who adds that, “The Divine Plan unfolds through following your intuition.”

Following your gut hunches and inspirations are the quickest and surest way to achieve what you desire in the shortest amount of time possible. When you do this the Universe showers you with more abundant opportunities to do the same!

Success Secret No. 3 – Don’t Listen to the Good Opinions of Others, Go For it Anyways! Everyone is a critic. If you have a dream or desire inside of you don’t back down because someone told you it wasn’t possible or that you won’t be able to follow through.

Remember that often times when people tell you all the reasons you can’t have, be, or do something is because they feel threatened that someone else is going to push forward and succeed in an area where they either never had the courage to try, or that they half-heartedly tried and failed.

What is the secret to success? Pick and choose who you share your goals and dreams with and if they disagree that you can succeed – go for it anyways! You do not need anyone’s permission or blessing to succeed. You are backed up 110% by Life!

The number one success secret is that you create your own success. Get out there and remember to look on the positive side of things, follow your intuition, and above all go for it anyways!

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