The Hidden Power of “What if . . .?”

What if you said yes to lifeThe Hidden Power of “What if . . .?”

Did you know that you have the power to turn your life around by using a simple question? I stumbled upon this incredible concept by accident and it not only made immediate shifts in my life, but in the life’s of others as well.

Questions are extremely powerful things because they have the ability to bypass the conscious sensor in your mind. Ask the wrong question and you can stay stuck in the mud. Ask the right question and you can see choices you never noticed before. It’s all in how you operate your mind.

In the workshops I facilitate, and when doing one-to-one coaching I often use “What if?” questions to challenge people’s thinking. Specifically, I redirect a negative expression into a positive one.

For example, if someone asks, “What if I never recover?” I answer them by saying, “What if you do?” Or, if someone asks, “What if I never turn my life around?” I respond with “What if you do?”

Here’s the thing, all too often, the questions that you ask yourself are self-defeating. And more often than not, they’re used as an excuse, and ultimately reinforce more negative thinking. What do I mean?

Here are some questions a client brought up in a recent coaching session:

“What if someone finds out I have a bipolar disorder?”
“What if this medication has side effects?”
“What if my therapy doesn’t work?”
“What if I have another manic episode?”
“What if I never find a good doctor?”

So my question to you is this – What if the “What if?” questions you ask yourself could help move you toward more success, wealth, health, and happiness?

Asking more positive and thought-provoking versions of “What if?” has numerous advantages. It compels you to clear your head, calm your fears, consider new possibilities, chart your future, and champion your way to success.

When you put the power of “what if . . .?” into practice in your daily life you learn to move worry and clutter out of your mind by consciously forming constructive questions. By stopping and asking questions that challenge your perspective about a situation you are able to explore new options for addressing problems you once thought were unsolvable.

So how then do you activate the latent power of questions? You activate the explosive power of questions by the type of “What if?” questions you pose. In other words, if you ask an empowering question you will get an empowered answer!

In this blog post I offer several sets of these questions for you to consider. And as you contemplate your answers, you’ll discover simple ideas for creating a more successful, satisfying, joyful life. In addition to giving it a go alone, you can also use this process with your family, friends, and other people that you support.

Regardless of how you proceed, pondering these questions and continuing to pose similar ones yourself will help you to produce positive, transforming results.

Here are the first seven questions. Remember, the main question is:

What if…

Your self-esteem was finally intact? Would you start to see the good in you that others have seen all along?

You examined your thinking? Would you replace negative thoughts with healthy, empowering ones?

You stopped seeing yourself as being a victim? Would you get on with your life and capitalize on your abilities?

You accepted full responsibility for your words and actions? Would you quit placing blame everywhere else?

You quit making excuses? Would you take a first step toward achieving your dream?

You knew when to keep your mouth shut? Would you become a better listener?

You didn’t take everything personally? Would you become more self-confident?
Are you beginning to see how asking positive hypothetical questions can lead you to reflect and engage in productive conversation with others?

Let’s take a look at another set of questions:

What if…

You left the past behind and were hopeful about tomorrow? Would you start making the most of today?

You could finally get the job, the home, and the relationship you’ve always wanted? Would you be happier?

You finally let your guard down? Would you allow those closest to you to know your deepest secrets?

You realized that it’s OK to not be perfect? Would you be willing to admit it when you made a mistake?

You began to see yourself as lovable? Would you accept love from others and be willing to share it?

You stopped setting unreasonable expectations? Would you set realistic, yet challenging, goals?

You started standing up and speaking out for yourself? Would you improve mental health care for everyone?

Remember, your mind is like an incredible supercomputer. Once you put the power of “what if . . .?” questions in motion, and keep asking empowering questions, your mind will SEARCH for the answer without your conscious knowledge.

The incredible thing is that shifts in your perspective and life circumstance seem to occur spontaneously! So take the time starting today to empower yourself by asking “what if . . .?”. Because when you ask the right questions, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.


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