Flex Your Spiritual Muscles In 2015: 10 Tips

Flex Your Spiritual Muscles In 2015:10 Tips To Strengthening & Toning Your Inner CoreHeal Your Life Workshops

With just a few days into the New 2015 Year, many of us have already begun fueling away at the gym, attempting to burn off those extra holiday calories. We’re committed to our intentions of better physical health, ie healthier eating, weight loss, and routine physical exercise.

But how many of us have set the intention to strengthen our spiritual health and become healthier and happier stewards of the World? How many have committed to growing and healing from the inside out, in order to experience a richer, healthier, and more fulfilling life? True, lasting happiness is an internal task. When we work to heal and make changes on the inside, the outside world magically begins to transform.

We all know that physical beauty runs skin deep. But, perhaps it bears reminding that if we don’t change the foundational soil in which we sow and harvest our seeds, we will continue to grow weeds rather than beautiful, blossoming flowers. Our souls will remain malnourished and starved if we do not give to it the nutritional sustenance and strengthening that it needs to grow and evolve.

Here are 10 Top Tips For Strengthening and Toning Your Spiritual Muscles:

  1. Meditation – I cannot stress this simple, yet life changing practice enough. If you haven’t started a practice, I highly urge you to give this gift to yourself in 2015. It is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give to yourself. Meditation slows down the external chatter around us, as well as the internal chatter of our minds. It is in the gaps of our thoughts that we connect to our inner guide and inner wisdom, Our Higher Self, Our Intuition, Our Greater Consciousness, etc. Meditation allows us to burn off unwanted and limited thoughts and beliefs from our past. It slows and calms the mind and body down so we can hear our intuition and inner wisdom with greater clarity. By slowing down the subconscious mind, we are able to be fully in the present moment. Meditate 15-20 minutes morning and night. Commit to at least 5 minutes.
  1. Gratitude – gratitude is the gateway to happiness. In order to experience more pleasure, more joy, more abundance in our lives, we must first love and appreciate who we are and what we have already. Loving and accepting ourselves just as we are is the path toward change. Begin a daily gratitude journal.
  1. Positive Thinking – negative and limited unconscious beliefs keep us making fear-based choices. We attract into our lives that which we fundamentally believe about our selves and what we believe we deserve. Our lives are created by the thoughts we keep. What we think about, we bring about. We must protect what comes into our minds. What we hear and see shapes our personality,which creates our habits and ultimately our experiences. Speak, think, and act in positive ways.
  1. Set Intentions & Hold Onto Them – the New Year just started and it’s a perfect time to set our intentions and work diligently everyday toward creating our desires. Thought alone is not enough to manifest our desires. We must take actionable steps. Each morning write down your goals for the day. Take one small step each day toward your goal.
  1. Surround Yourself With Positive, Supportive, and Uplifting People – clear negative people from your life. Negativity begets negativity. We must surround ourselves with loving and nurturing people, who will support and encourage our dreams. Be willing to let go of negative people, including friends. And be aware that not everyone has your best intentions at heart. Yes, there may even be “friends” that secretly wish you to fail. Keep your intentions sacred and surrounded by loving people.
  1. Let Go Of The Past – there is no power in the past. Power is in the present moment. Accept that life has unfolded for you in the way in which was divinely planned for your Soul. Embrace your path and each obstacle that has shown up to teach and prepare you. Let go through meditation and journaling.
  1. Forgiveness – forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Forgiveness doesn’t condone bad behavior, but it sets you free and liberates your soul from the energy that it has been bound to. Nothing blocks the path of your happiness more than an unforgiving heart. Practice forgiveness by writing a forgiveness letter to those you need to forgive and then safely burn it or rip it. Through prayer and meditation we can practice forgiving and releasing the other person. If the person you need to forgive is yourself, imagine through meditation offering forgiveness to yourself.
  1. Practice Loving-Kindness – Embrace others fully without judgment or consternation. Recognize that we are each fighting our own battle. Bring your awareness to the spark of light that connects us all. What we see in others is ultimately what we see in our selves. Each person deserves the same compassion and love that we give to our selves. Practice doing random acts of kindness everyday. In your meditation send love, light and compassion to your family, friends, enemies, people who may suffer from your same struggles, and all the nations around the World.
  1. Embrace The Unknown – life has a beautiful way of unfolding. If we love life, life will love us right back. We cannot control the timing or the course of events in our lives. But we can embrace the unknown with excitement and anticipation. Sometimes what we most seek and desire, is found just outside our comfort zone. In spite of our fears, we can still travel an unchartered path, knowing that even if we don’t know what will happen, we will be okay. Face your fears, try something new, take chances, and embrace the unknown.
  1. Let Go & Let God– surrendering is one of the hardest challenges along the spiritual path. Yet, it is the truest and ultimate testament of our faith and belief. We can pray, meditate, and affirm our intentions, but the true test is to release and trust the Divine timing, sequence, and space for our lives. Write your intentions, meditate on them, visualize them, but, ultimately, let them go and leave room for the Divine to co-create our path and perhaps surprise us beyond our wildest imagination.

Wishing you a beautiful and bountiful New Year! May your Inner Self be as strong and beautiful as your Outer Self!


© 2015 by Angela N. Holton. Angela is a mentor, personal coach, workshop teacher and speaker. She is trained, certified, and licensed as a ‘Heal Your Life’ Workshop Teacher and Coach, based on the philosophies of Louise L. Hay, one of the pioneers of New Thought and Founder of Hay House Publishing. Read Angela’s full bio here.