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The Power of Tithing

Have you ever experienced a major paradigm shift? You know, the kind where you think you already know about something… But suddenly, you learn something new about that ‘something’ that changes your whole perspective and outlook on the topic. If so, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Now, you know that something this … Continue reading The Power of Tithing

Ten Steps to Loving Yourself

By: Louise L. Hay 1. Stop all Criticism Criticism never changes a thing. Refuse to criticize yourself. Accept yourself exactly as you are. Everybody changes. When you criticize yourself, your changes are negative. When you approve of yourself your changes are positive. 2. Don’t Scare YourselfStop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts. Find a mental image that gives … Continue reading Ten Steps to Loving Yourself

The Law of Attraction

We have all heard the expression, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” But to carry on without thinking about why you failed only leads to more failure. The ability to create is a God given gift. A gift given to everyone without exception. Thought is the first step to manifesting any creation. … Continue reading The Law of Attraction

Learning to Conquer Shyness

Many people suffer from some sort of shyness. They may fear that their actions will be scrutinized by others, and as a result, they have difficulty facing certain people or specific situations. However, shyness is a condition that can fairly easily be overcome. In this article, we will look at a few techniques that can … Continue reading Learning to Conquer Shyness

Downsizing Your Life

You can gain time and energy in your life. This can be done by spending a few minutes a day making your life easier. Downsizing your life a little at a time will lower stress and bring you a sense of satisfaction. Downsizing? There are times in life when you need to get rid of … Continue reading Downsizing Your Life

How to De-Junk Your Life

Are you constantly stressed because you can’t get organized, no matter how hard you try? Do you ever feel as if you are drowning in a sea of stuff? Are you frustrated because you are always running behind? If so, here are a few steps towards a better organized you. Start with a plan. Don’t … Continue reading How to De-Junk Your Life

Achieving Success

Life gives us many opportunities to improve, but whether we do or not depends on our effort. It’s a good idea to sit down about once a week and examine the progress you have made towards achieving a set goal. If goals have not been reached then honest examination must be undertaken to discover the … Continue reading Achieving Success