Learning to Love Yourself

Learning to Love Yourself “Learning to love yourself is one of the most important things in the world,” says bestselling author, and Hay House Publishing founder Louise Hay. “And when I talk about loving yourself I am not talking about vanity – because that is fear. What I am talking about is accepting and cherishing … Continue reading Learning to Love Yourself

5 Ways to Stay Motivated

5 Ways to Stay Motivated Ever wonder how the highly successful stay motivated? Let’s face it. To successfully accomplish each step towards your ultimate goal you must stay motivated each step of the way. This means that you must consistently take positive actions towards manifesting what it is that is important to you; even when … Continue reading 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

3 Ways to Help Your Soul Thrive

3 Ways to Help Your Soul Thrive It’s that time of year again: resolution time! The time of year where many people make plans, set goals, and map out the course of a new year. Although this a inspirational process, filling the heart and mind with new possibilities for carving out a healthy and prosperous … Continue reading 3 Ways to Help Your Soul Thrive