10 Money Affirmations That Work

10 Money Affirmations that WoI am open to receive.rk!

OK – go ahead and admit it. Having money to spend and to save is great! The ability to have and make money provides you with a sense of freedom and security. And the truth is that you deserve to be prosperous!

The following ten affirmations have been tried and tested by millions worldwide with great results. They are focused on money and wealth in general. For the best results in using these affirmations it is suggested that you repeat one or two of these a minimum of twice a day – right before you go to sleep at night, and the first thing the morning when you wake up.

Most importantly, for supercharged results use your money affirmations as often as possible. Here’s the reason why. Your subconscious mind controls more than 80% of what you experience in your daily lives. This means that if you want great results that it is necessary to program your subconscious mind for new and better things. To do this you need to continually influence your subconscious mind by repeating your affirmations often. The more you repeat them, the deeper you impress and program you subconscious for money.

The Universe supports you every day with beauty and love and wants you to manifest all of your wishes and desires! So are you ready to begin to make a shift in the area of your finances? Then experiment with the affirmations listed below, and may your life overflow with abundant blessings!

1. I always have more than enough money.
2. I continue to attract only lucrative, enjoyable and beneficial circumstances.
3. My bank account is constantly growing.
4. Money continues to flow into my life in fun and wonderful ways.
5. Every day I am finding it easier and easier to attract money into my life.
6. Every day in every way I am becoming wealthier and wealthier.
7. I love being a money magnet!
8. I choose to think positively about money and wealth, and I welcome it now!
9. My life is full of abundance and I am grateful!
10. I deserve to abundance and prosperity and I am open to receive it now!


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