Look Within – You Are Your World

look within you are your worldLook Within – You are Your World.

What do you see around you? What are your current life experiences? Are they positive or negative? Good or bad?

Did you know that what you see with your eyes, and process with your brain and emotions are just your own reflection of the inner world within? Basically when you look within what you see is what you get.

The truth is this – you, and you alone, are the only one who creates in your experience. You’re it baby! Universal Law states that everything that comes to you, whether you label it good or bad, comes to you by the power of your thought.

To make positive shifts in your life you need to look within yourself and realize that you are your world – the world you have created with your thoughts, feelings, and stories.

This means that if there are changes you would like to make in your present life experiences that you need to learn the value of attaching a different story to that life circumstance. What do I mean?

In order to answer that questions first let’s take a look at what I mean by “story.” A story is anything that you attach a label, judgment, or criticism to. Basically a story is your line of reasoning or inner dialogue about what you “think” has or is occurring in a past, or present experience.

Here is a simple, real life example that I recently experienced. You are waiting in line to purchase some items at the grocery and the checkout clerk is frowning. You’re inner story could possibly emerge as follows: Wow! She sure is unfriendly. I’m not going to let her spoil my day!

Here is another example that happened to a friend of mine – your spouse comes home and smells like women’s perfume. Your inner dialogue or story emerges as this – Oh my goodness! He’s having an affair!

So how then can you change your “story” about those situations in life that appear to be less than desirable? The following tips will help you to re-shift your perspective on your old storyline in order to create a new and powerful storyline in its place that empowers and supports you.

What’s my story? Take a look at a life situation that for you at the present moment seems to be getting you down. Anything. Relationships, finances, career – whatever is getting in the way of your bliss. Ask yourself, what’s my story about this particular situation? Get out a piece of paper and write down your story in detail.

What’s really happening? Next, take a look at what you have written in the previous step and ask yourself, “What’s really happening or going on in this situation?” Take some time to ask yourself what is really happening or going on in that situation without any judgments or criticisms attached.

Using the example of my experience with the grocery clerk – what is really going on is that the clerk is frowning. That’s it!

But here’s the thing! Your brain loves to jump forward and form “conclusions” about what it thinks it sees attaching meanings such as: she’s rude, she’s unfriendly, she’s angry, etc.
In this particular circumstance with the grocery clerk I did not let my thoughts run the show. Instead I lovingly commented to the clerk, “Is everything alright? I noticed you seem to be frowning today.”

She responded to me with a smile and said, “Oh am I really? I forgot my glasses this morning and my eyes are having a bit of difficulty adjusting to what I am reading.”

Oh – by the way – my friend’s husband smelled like perfume because he bought her a special valentine’s gift and the sample fragrance card that the department store clerk gave him was in his front shirt pocket!

What is my new story? Once you confront your life circumstance on neutral ground, have taken the time to discover what really is/was going on or happening at the moment, it’s time to formulate a new and empowering story in place of the old one.

For my friend who thought her husband was cheating on her new story was that she is loveable and loving. She told me that she realized that her current story came from the fear that her husband was no longer interested in her because of a few extra pounds she had gained over the years.

She then made the decision to regain her personal power by creating a new storyline that told her that she loved and accepted herself despite the few extra pounds, but that for her own inner satisfaction that she was willing to lose those extra pounds because she was worth it.

Look within – you are your world! Remember, it’s not the experience itself that causes you discomfort, but your thoughts about that situation or experience. The most important take away is that you always have the power to change the way you look at things. And as you begin to positively focus, getting to feel so good about so many subjects, you will begin to feel the power that creates worlds flowing through you.


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