Self-Talk – Embracing our Truth

In the darkness at 3:00 a.m….

In the darkness at 3:00 a.m. when the silence is deafening, who are we?  We are our thoughts.  We doubt ourselves and negative self-talk takes over, the voices in our head chattering about everything we have done wrong from that time in grade three when we felt humiliation, to what we think could happen 20 years from now.  We all have these voices and learning to hush the chatter and replace it with loving self- acceptance is and effort well worth taking. Who would we be if we knew we had no limitations?  We each have within us boundless potentiality.

We are all the same…

To tap into the flow that is our true and authentic self, the person we naturally know to be, negative self-talk must be at a minimum.  We all have it! We all think no one else has it!  It’s that constant criticism that loops in continuous play in our minds.  We have heard it so many times we have adopted it as truth.  We all know the one, and now that we do –  it is time to change the message.   When we run the messages that have held us back in the past, we feel low energy, like we are not enough.   We believe we have a persona to maintain so other people think we are who we portrayal ourselves to be.  (Not who we really are if they knew our deepest, darkest thoughts.)

In truth, we are all the same.  We all want love and acceptance. We all want to leave a positive legacy when we leave this world.  We all want to enjoy the journey while we are here.

Take the time to forgive yourself and others, time to set yourself free.  Now is the time to embrace your thoughts, and create your truth.  You are worth it.