Our Story

Louise Hay personally approved a unique licensing agreement between the worldwide leader in self-help and transformational book publishing, Hay House, Inc, and Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC. Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC is now the exclusive worldwide Heal Your Life® training provider. They are dedicated to expanding Louise Hay’s powerful principles beyond the pages of the book to up close and personal programs in a variety of settings. The agreement allows them and Teacher-Trainers to license and authorize training programs in Louise’s philosophy. Graduates from our training are then eligible to be certified and licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leaders, life coaches, teen teachers, and Managing with Heart and Mind trainers in business settings. All those listed on this site have been trained and licensed to use the Heal Your Life® trademark and copyrighted materials in Louise’s philolosophy.

Dr. Patricia Crane

   Dr. Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D., President and co-founder of Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC, first became interested in Louise Hay’s philosophies after reading You Can Heal Your Life. Of all the books she had read up to that point, Patricia felt that this one brought together the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects together in the most powerful way. While the ideas seem simple, they are profound. 

   Then Patricia was delighted to meet Louise at an early  breakfast meeting and learned about a week long intensive Louise was leading. Her attendance at that intensive was transformational for her own personal growth and fueled a desire to help others make similar changes on their own inner journey. The container for change was the way Louise created a cocoon of unconditional love where each person could truly learn to love themselves and open to techniques like mirror work, inner child work, and forgiveness of self and others.

   Witnessing the amazing power of these practices and principles to change lives, Patricia began working directly with Louise in her week long intensives, leading small groups and teaching some sessions. As life unfolded, especially after Louise was on the Oprah Winfrey show, Louise began turning her attention more toward book publishing and audio recordings with her company, Hay House, Inc., while Dr. Crane just naturally picked up the mantle and continued with the teachings. In 1995, Louise approved the training program that continues today. An official agreement with Hay House, Inc., was made at a later time. Patricia tells us that “After all these years of Louise’s mentorship I can imagine no greater reward than to be officially sanctioned to do this work.”

   Today there are Heal Your Life® workshop leaders and coaches in 71 countries worldwide, all dedicated to sharing Louise’s work. Clearly, this is a testament to the universal appeal of Louise Hay’s work. Human beings will always need to learn to love themselves, heal the past, and learn the techniques to create an amazing life!

Rick Nichols

Rick Nichols is a visionary with an unwavering commitment to transforming lives and inspiring positive change on a global scale. As an author, storyteller, poet, and philosopher, Rick has dedicated his life to
spreading the message of unconditional love and empowering people to tap into their highest selves.
At the heart of Rick’s work lies the teachings of his beloved mentor, Louise Hay. Drawing from her transformative methods through the Hay House-sanctioned Heal Your Life® program, Rick has become a trusted guide and mentor in leading others toward self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. With a
deep understanding of how our thoughts and beliefs profoundly impact our lives, Rick empowers people to embrace self-love and harness their innate abilities to create the lives they truly desire.

Having traveled extensively across the globe, Rick’s life mission has taken him to communities of diverse cultures, where he has inspired people from all walks of life to elevate their thinking and embrace their
true essence. Through highly interactive Heal Your Life® trainings Rick ignites a spark of self-awareness and encourages participants to embrace their unique gifts and talents.

Rick Nichols is a teacher of love, radiating compassion, wisdom, and a profound understanding of the human experience. His transformative message resonates deeply with those seeking a higher level of consciousness, inspiring them to step into their authentic selves and positively impact the world.