About Sue Hutchison


Licensed Teacher
Denny, Scotland, United Kingdom soopasoo@yahoo.co.uk

When Sue was introduced to Louise's You Can Heal Your Life in the 1980's, it was a definite, YES! Louise's philosophy made absolute sense to 'a call to find meaning in her life', and with changed thinking, Sue's life took on a positive transformation. Finding this treasure and wanting to share the Good News, Sue then went about her HYL Workshop and Coach trainings both in San Diego and England with evergreens Patricia & Rick and many wonderful fellow students.

And so it is that with some 60+ years' experience of life in various cultures, personal and work roles, Sue now knows her calling is to empower people by teaching, supporting and guiding them to their true happiness by discovering the Perfect Love within.

Since first 'meeting' Louise Sue has continued to deepen her interest and understanding of metaphysics with further New Thought, Science of Mind studies and contemporary spiritual teachers, and 'A Course in Miracles'. She is currently a Science of Mind Practitioner-in-Training - known as a Spiritual Counsellor in the UK.


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