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Licensed Coach

Welcome! Hello.  Hola! Bienvenida(o). Hablo Ingles y Español. I’m Silvina Fernandez and I  am a Licensed Heal Your Life® Coach and Teacher, and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist in the West Kendall area in Miami, Florida.  It is my intention to create a place for you to Discover Yourself, Love Yourself, Honor Yourself and Create the Life you desire. I believe Life is a discovery journey and we may all travel in it at a different pace.  I also believe that the knowledge we are seeking comes to us when we are ready to receive it.  This is why our journeys can move at different pace and in different directions.  But the basis is the same: We All Have To Learn To Love And Accept Ourselves As We Are, And At This Present Moment. We are all beautiful Spiritual Beings right now.  There still may be dreams or things we desire that we think are impossible to reach.  My purpose and passion is to guide you in your journey to discover your magnificence, be able to express it, and create the beautiful and successful life you desire. My Mission is to help and guide people to discover their true selves, to love themselves unconditionally, and to overcome obstacles and negative believes.  By discovering their true selves and changing their thinking they can create the whole and successful life their desire.  Love and Blessings ♥  


Si hablas Español y quieres informacion sobre Heal Your Life® Coaching o sobre los Talleres de Amate A Ti Mismo®, por favor comunícate conmigo al (305) 506-5550 o por medio de un e-mail a silvina@silvinafernandez.com. Amor y Bendiciones ♥

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