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I am a licensed Heal Your Life Teacher since 2007, and a licensed Heal Your Life Coach since 2008. I have done my trainings in Birmingham (UK) with Patricia Crane. Apart from that, I am a registered nurse and a Hypno-Psychotherapist. I did my Hypno-Psychotherapy training in London (UK), and did additional Hypnotherapy trainings in the Netherlands. I did basic and advanced training in Clinical Hypnosis with the NVVH (Dutch Society of Clinical Hypnosis, I've finished a Master Year in Hypnotherapy, also here in the Netherlands. My focus in Hypnotherapy is on Loving Yourself, which is central to healing all the aspects of your life. I also love doing Heal Your Life Workshops, and every time delight in the amazing positive change I see happening in my participants in such a short time! I give these courses at least once a year. For more information, have a look at my website: Please do send me an email to my right email address, which is: The email address mentioned above will probably send your email right into the spam box, where I will never find it. However this site doe not allow for the academy-extension, so I can't change it to that one. Also the link to my Facebook site isn't coded properly on this site, so please go to: 

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