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Licensed Teacher

I first discovered Louise Hay many years ago when I was a member of a spiritual development group. Many people raved about Louise and her work and the profound effect her philosophy and healing methods had on their life. Louise's book You Can Heal Your Life sat on my book shelf for many years, until finally one day I felt drawn to reading it. I never looked back. I really resonated with Louise's philosophy and I felt that my life had a sense of purpose and direction after reading it. Some of the exercises and tools helped me to recognised unhealed aspects of myself and gave me great awareness as to why certain parts of my life where not working out the way I wanted them too. Louise's methods are simple yet powerful. I decided to attend a weekend workshop as I wanted to explore the philosophy further and go deeper into my own healing. It was one of the best things I have ever done. I managed to accept and heal parts of my past that where blocking my happy future, I learned life enhancing tools and above all, I started to learn to 'give myself what I needed' as opposed to looking everywhere else to fill my void. I enjoyed the weekend so much and by the time the weekend was over, I felt lighter, more connected to those I love and a sense of optimism, I had not felt in a long time. I made some amazing like-minded friends too. Ones I will cherish forever. The shifts where so great in my life that I made the decision to become a licensed teacher in Louises philosophy and love nothing more than to facilitate the weekend workshop that helped to change my life. To date, I have run over 30 of these workshops and each one is as special and transformational as the day I experienced the workshop for myself.

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