Name: Josephine Sweeney
Location: Ireland & Devon (UK)
Phone Number: 0876926715
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Josephine Sweeney
Ireland & Devon (UK)

Josephine Sweeney, Workshop Facilitator, Life Coach, Meditation & Personal Development Teacher lives in Ennis, Co. Clare and travels throughout Ireland & Devon in the UK to run Courses & Seminars on the Power of Positive Thought.  In 2008/2009 she became a licensed trainer in the philosophy of Louise Hay.  She also offers One2One Heal Your Life Consultations personally and via Skype.

Her Introduction to Affirmations (2hr) Workshop will help create a new way of thinking and speaking beginning with your Morning and Evening routines.   Once you understand the principles of affirmations you can apply them to various areas of your life.

Josephine brings a wealth of experience to her Workshops, Personal Development & Meditation Courses, and has also created her own successful Chakra Meditation CD, which can be purchased via her website and various Health shops in Ennis and Limerick. 

It is her desire that each and every person create a sense of well-being for themselves by nurturing their Mind, Body and Spirit.

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