About Us - Patricia & Rick

Through a unique licensing agreement with Hay House, Inc., the world wide leader in self-help and transformational book publishing, Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC is now the exclusive world wide provider of Heal Your Life® training. They are dedicated to expanding these powerful principles beyond the pages of the book to up close and personal training in conference rooms and retreat centers world wide.

Dr. Patricia J. Crane, President and co-founder of Heart Inspired Presentations, first became interested in Louise Hay’s philosophies in 1985 after reading You Can Heal Your Life. Fueled by a deep belief in the power of these practices and principles to heal, Patricia began working directly with Louise as an assistant to her in workshops. As life unfolded Louise began turning her attention more toward the book publishing business while Dr. Crane just naturally picked up the mantle and continued with the teachings. Patricia tells us that “After all these years of Louise’s mentorship I can imagine no greater reward than to be officially sanctioned to do this work.”

Vice President and co-founder Rick Nichols is a former telecom exec who began seeking something more fulfilling from life as a result of his “midlife crisis.” After much introspection he managed to transform himself from technology marketer to a purveyor of peace, love and harmony as an author, speaker and trainer.

Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC trains people from all over the world in principals and practices directly from the book, You Can Heal Your Life®. Once all the necessary qualifications are met graduates are officially licensed and authorized to extend their teaching to others through their own “Heal Your Life®” workshops, study groups and seminars.

Heart Inspired Presentations also offers a variety of products and services for personal development including: books, CD sets, online courses, personal coaching, seminars, and workshops.

For more information about Heart Inspired Presentations, or any of their transformational self-help training, go to www.HeartInspired.com


Patricia Crane, PhD

Scientist, Teacher, Workshop leader

Since earning her Ph.D. in social psychology from Claremont Graduate School, Dr. Crane has dedicated her work to healing the earth and it's peoples. Searching for a deeper spiritual connection with life, Patricia began practicing Transcendental Meditation in the mid 70's, and then began working with Louise Hay in 1987 assisting in the workshop intensives. Since then she has rounded out her spiritual experience and education through a devoted study of A Course In Miracles, Reiki Healing, Science of Mind and many other life transforming philosophies and practices.

Dr. Crane has had the privilege of training with some of the premier spiritual teachers of our time, including Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, and Marianne Williamson. She has, herself, trained many people around the world to lead the "You Can Heal Your Life Study Course" and the "Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshop".

A Reiki Master and internationally sought-after speaker on a variety of spiritual topics, Dr. Crane continues to create, develop and present programs on the mind-body connection, creative visualization, stress management and Reiki natural healing. She has been a wonderful teacher to many people.

Additionally, Dr. Crane has written and produced several audio tapes on meditation, visualization, and stress reduction.

Rick Nichols

Writer, Storyteller, Speaker

Rick Nichols, a partner in Heart Inspired Presentations and an expert on Human Potential, is a writer, storyteller and international speaker. With his inspirational, warm, and humorous style Rick has captivated audiences around the world. He is a speaker of many facets: a storyteller, poet, and philosopher, as well as a teacher and student of life.

Raised by a pair of alcoholic combatants in a domestic war zone along with five siblings, Rick learned much about coping with adversity, stress management and strategic communications early in life. Upon awakening the morning of his 17th birthday he had to face the fact that while others his age were about to graduate high school, he was failing the 9th grade as a result of dyslexia and a troubled home life. It was on that day that Rick leaped from one war zone to another, as he joined the US Navy and eventually went to Vietnam, where his education really began. He learned important things that the public school systems didn't teach: self-esteem, teamwork, cooperation, compassion, strategic planning and honor among friends. One of the most important things he learned was that he is capable of learning, and that he has value; nobody had ever told him that before.

On a life mission to "Inspire people the world over to a higher level of thinking about who they are, what they've got, and how to bring themselves more fully into the world," Rick presents programs and presentations designed to shift a person's perspective, which opens them to a deeper self-awareness and greater potential for a fulfilling life. The rich diversity of Rick's salt and pepper background is sprinkled throughout his presentations. He has experienced the highs and lows of life, learned how to make the best of it all, and is willing to intimately share it with his audiences.